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Two Homes

From June 21-st 2019

Have a peek into the interiors of two homes of Haapsalu as they were a century ago! To create a homely atmosphere in the exhibition some references to the hobbies and lifestyle of the homeowners were added.
Make yourself at home!

The display in the first room is inspired by Villa Friedheim located at Suur Promenaad, at the address Supeluse 2. The house was built in 1885 as a home for the family von Gernet. The display in the next room has been inspired of the homes of two sisters – Emilie Marie Leontine Reimann (1871 – 1938) and Olga Adelheid Reimann
(1874 – 1953). The house at Uus-Sadama Street 8 was built in the 19th century by their grandfather, a Swedish fisherman Jacob Johanson.

Curators: Karin Mägi, Asta Veenpere

Exhibition design: Anneliis Aunapuu

With the support of: Eesti Kultuurkapital